Day 6…Mother’s Day

Today was moving day. I was glad to be able to arrive in New Market, VA to spend the day with my my family full of wonderful males who treated the women to a wonderful meal and clean up afterwards. (Except for the 2 control freak family females who had to cook & you know who you are:) I was not one of those women.

I’m grateful that this new lifestyle has allowed me to be with my family when they need a little extra help. Also, today I am grateful for my wonderful, loving daughter who called to chat today. I love when she tells me the little details of her daily life in Morgantown. I’m so proud of how she has grown up over the past year and I truly feel less like a parent and more like an adult friend. And, also today I am grateful for my mom who has been a wonderful role model and has helped me with my daughter as she was growing up. 

For my friends and my family whose mothers have passed on, you are in my thoughts and prayers today. For all of the moms whose children have passed on, you are in my thoughts and prayers today. And for those who have longed for a child, you are in my thoughts and prayers  today.

Day 5 ….. Pondering

The stars were stunning this evening and offered a fantastic view from the hot tub. As I let my gaze wander I saw Venus in the distance. While keeping watch for shooting stars an epiphany of sorts came to mind. While I was in such a peaceful moment, I still wanted more. Venus wasn’t enough. I wanted to see shooting stars too. Why couldn’t I just be satisfied with the view up above? This reminded me to be grateful for what I have and to appreciate those precious moments without spoiling them by wanting more.

Day 4…didn’t learn history until…

Roadside America has a great website for locating “out of the way” small tourist sites. After checking out the places nearby, we decided to go see the James Buchanan Birthplace Pyramid. 
History was difficult for me in school and hopefully the methods of instruction have improved. History would have been easy for me to learn if I had learned about families living in different time periods. So every time I get the opportunity to learn a little history, I’m grateful for the opportunity. And now I learn the way that is best for me which isn’t the way curriculum for schools is written.
I’m always fascinated by the stories of families from the past. Harriet Lane, the niece, of President Buchanan has quite a story. She lost her parents at the age of 11 and then went to live with her uncle. She enjoyed a successful stint as the “First Lady” while her uncle served as the president . She married at 36 and during the next 18 years of her life, she lost her uncle, her two sons and her husband. 

Day 3…learning patience

Capturing a picture of Papa bird was on my agenda today. Started planning for the shot around 7:00 am. After determining feeding habits, the camera was put away until the moment of the shot. Finally, around 6:30 pm, I was set up to take the shot. And then…….I waited, I waited, I waited. He teased as he flew within millimeters of the birdhouse and then took off again over and over again before he finally perched.  And I just patiently waited, waited, waited. As I was ready to give up, he landed. A few seconds later I was able to get a shot of. My patience was rewarded!!

Freedom for us…

We often get asked the question, “Why are you doing this?” I have to admit that there are a myriad of responses for that question. I’m sure Adam and I have some of the same reasons and some very different reasons for our change in lifestyle. We both agree that we want to declutter and lead a simpler life. Sometimes all of our stuff gets in the way of us really living. 

For me the less “stuff” I have around me, the more easily I am able to allow myself to stop and listen to the gurgling of a stream or to focus on the flight path of a butterfly for a few moments. After a career in education in a fast paced school system I am so grateful for this opportunity to slow down and enjoy moments in my life. I’m sure our days won’t always be exhilarating, but what I know for sure is that I will be present in the moment much more now with less daily distraction and clutter in my life.

I still feel my destiny in life is to teach so I’m hopeful that those opportunities will present themselves to me in our travels. I will still study and keep up with the world of education, but I will do so without a feeling of desperation which is refreshing.

And today I’m posting this TED video which seems meaningful to the new journey.